Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

Resep Memasak Ayam Goreng Kampung

Resep Memasak Ayam Goreng Kampung - One more dishes typical of the field will not be less interesting than Recipes Na Ni Ura who have served before. Cipera consisting of chicken meat, mushroom, corn flour and some other accompaniment flavoring materials are also ready to collaborate to produce cooking results Cipera until ready to eat.

This is the recipe duck Presto. A duck meat processing with other sensations of others. Unlike Bebek Goreng Bumbu Bali which has a distinctive flavor herb area of Bali, or Bebek Goreng Bumbu Bacem and others.

Fried duck Presto has a taste that will surely make you interested to http://kandangan.drupalgardens.com/content/make-nasi-goreng-super-spicy try it out immediately. The ingredients are almost the same as the recipe other duck meat processing. The materials must be prepared as well as the processing of any more please refer to How to Make Fried Duck Presto follows below.

Rub the duck with lime juice, grated ginger and salt. Let stand for 15 minutes.
Then wash, then mixed with spice puree, bay leaves, lemon grass, grated ginger and tamarind water.
Duck cook over low heat for 30 minutes or until the water dries.
Add coconut milk and continue http://resepmasakan-id.mywapblog.com/bikin-donat-kentang-sangat-gampang-lho.xhtml cooking while stirring occasionally until tender duck / overcooked.
Lift duck while separated from marinade.
Duck fried until browned. Lift.
Fried also marinade. Lift.
Mix back duck and ginger seasoning.
Duck ready to serve with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables.