Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Tips on How to Make Delicious Bubur Sumsum

Marrow Porridge Recipe and Tips on How to Make Delicious - There are a lot of various recipes Indonesian cuisine that we can serve iftar moment later. One of which is usually easily be found on the menu iftar sellers around the house and roadsides are gruel. Yes, this porridge recipe is well suited to fill our stomachs after eating and drinking all day hold. It tastes good and tender coupled with the delicious sweetness of coconut milk http://situsmasakan.blog.com/ and brown sugar sauce can indeed restore the body after a day of fasting. Besides, how to make gruel is arguably very easy. Not to be people who love to cook for porridge can make a tasty and delicious. There are several variations of this recipe, such as recipe pandan gruel, porridge seed bark, pulp and other temples. But this time we will make plain marrow recipes using rice flour and brown sugar just so much faster served for iftar.

As another porridge recipes, how to make gruel is also very easy and does not require a long time. Materials needed to make porridge is also very easy to get at the grocery store or mini around the house. Usually nowadays people prefer to use rice flour fast food are easily found in shops. But the recipe is real tasty gruel usually used in mashed rice or milled beforehand. Actually there is no great difference in flavor is generated, only the most important is to use a good quality rice flour and no musty smell that tastes good and legit.

Although I make gruel is quite simple, but nonetheless there are some things that must be considered so that the result is perfect and soft texture uneven. Some of the events that are often experienced by the friends usually happens not tender results and no small clumps clumps of flour. This is because the process of mixing rice flour uneven. For perfect results, we recommend friends to mix the rice flour in advance with the majority of new coconut milk mixed with coconut milk boiled other. One characteristic of gruel recipe is its aroma. For that do not forget http://resepkulinerkreatif.blog.com/ to use pandan leaves to mix porridge and soup recipes Javanese sugar. For those who like the aroma of cinnamon, this material can also be added when creating a sauce of sugar. Moreover, that aroma and taste legit, you should use thick coconut milk obtained from freshly grated coconut. For more details, please see the marrow porridge recipe below.